Planning stage

Not much to report other than the idea is there and planning has started. If you want to follow progress reports you can either keep checking this page or jump onto my facebook page

October 3, 2015

Finding the scale

Laying out an aerial view of the florida attraction on my floor, it fills up 6 A4 sheets of paper. I don't want to go too huge or too small so this size currently feels right.

I've chosen the second version of the ride to model, however I have an idea of being able to easily replace certain objects and roll with the 1990 version whenever I want.

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October 22, 2015

Shark models

So these guys are a very important part of the ride. I feel the original 1990 ride sharks were by far the better looking of all versions.

Those sharks looked like proper Great Whites, which is why I'm using this shark model (see photo above) as my muse.

November 4, 2015