Grand Opening 2001

Universal Studios Japan opened their doors to the eager Japanese public on the 31st of March 2001. On that same day the Japanese version of Amity Island opened up their shores...

STOP PRESS! I'll be travelling to Japan in the near distant future, so more content to follow.

Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure

Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure was released for the GameCube just before Christmas 2001. A game introducing the Japanese theme park and some of it's biggest attractions, featured is a JAWS mini game.

Quite simply, you're on board the Orca and must throw barrels at Jaws before he can cause damage to your boat.

Disappointedly there is no relevance to the ride or even the movie which can only give us the summary "on a scale of one to ten, this game sucks". Screenshots below.

Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure JAWS

Ride Merchandise

1 Coca-Cola collectable miniature number 12 of 16 2 Coca-Cola collectable miniature number 13 of 16 3 JAWS themed cutlery 4 Skynet JAWS diorama 1 of 3 5 Pull-back toy ‘Land Shark’ 6 Shark eating swimmer oven mitt 7 Attraction pressed penny coin 8 Hanging shark key chain hook 9 Shark shaped bottle JAWS wine Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure JAWS